Expert Analyses

With our Expert Analyses offering, the Professional Services team leverages advanced statistical and complex ETL methods to help you uncover invaluable trends in customer behavior and product performance. Whether or not you're an existing Magento BI customer, this is a great way to quickly derive deep, repeatable insights from your data. Note that these are pre-defined packages. If you're interested in custom solutions, please let us know!

Available Expert Analyses include:

Product Affinity Discover which products to market to specific customer segments in order to maximize repeat orders.
Category For a select number of categories, this analysis displays quantity sold and revenue, and identifies which combination of categories your customers are purchasing over their lifetimes.
Inventory Presents inventory vs. customer demand. Matches customer demand to generate more orders and revenue
Churn Definition Shows which customers are on the cusp of churning and which have already churned. Allows you to segment email lists more accurately for maximum effectiveness.
Returns Highlights products generating more returns than others to either improve product quality or remove products that hurt customer lifetime value by delivering negative experiences, resulting in returns.

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