Enrichment Services

Your proprietary data holds a wealth of knowledge about your customers. Now, with RJMetrics Data Enrichment, you can effortlessly augment your customer understanding with data from sources like Experian, Tower Data, and Datafinder.

Our Professional Services team can append demographic attributes to your customer data in your RJMetrics Data Warehouse so that you can perform deeper, more meaningful analysis. Typical customer attributes include:

Our team can help you...

Customize product recommendations and win-back campaigns
Use age, gender, parental status, and many more factors to deliver messages that matter to your customers.

Acquire more customers like your best customers
Build look-alike lists of prospects that match the profile of your best customers.

Advertise on channels that cater to your customer personas
Advertise on specific ad channels that reflect each customer persona, then measure the ROI in RJMetrics.

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