Client Services

Our expert team is here to help.

Professional Services

Professional Services provides an additional level of support. You bring the expert knowledge of your company’s strategy, we’ll bring the analytics team. Download the info sheet.

Professional Data Services

Get the most out of RJMetrics with a Professional Services analysis plan, custom reports, and more.

Data Science

Leveraging the Magento Analytics Import API in conjunction with open source programming languages like R and Python, the Professional Services team can help you tackle your toughest analytical challenges.

Migration Services

Receive assistance migrating to a new database schema, server, or reporting.

Enrichment Services

Effortlessly augment your customer understanding with data from sources like Experian, Tower Data, and Datafinder.

Custom Engagement

Work with the Professional Services team to customize offerings based on your specific needs.

Expert Analyses

Whether you are a current Magento Business Intelligence subscriber or not, you can leverage these powerful analyses provided by the Professional Services team.

“Great people, always responsive and helpful. Amazingly consultative.”
Elan Levin, Manager, eCommerce Conversion

Other Services

In addition to included technical support, our Customer Success Team offers account management services that may or may not be included in your subscription, depending on your current contract terms. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch!

Account Management Services

RJMetrics Account Managers are your front-line partners in getting maximum value from RJMetrics. Our clients rely on our Account Team to support them with:

  • Training on new product features
  • Expanding the use of RJMetrics throughout their organization
  • Sharing best practices on maintaining an optimized, healthy account
“RJMetrics helped us calculate churn rate and identify which courses churned users took last, empowering us with knowledge to improve these courses.”
Javier Calvo, Data Scientist

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