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RJMetrics is a complete
analytics platform

A complete analytics platform

We consolidate and optimize your data, and then give you tools to analyze it.

Turn your data into insights

What’s your best ad channel? How efficient is your support team?
All of these answers can be found in your data.

Insights for everyone
in your company

The Marketer

Import your advertising, email, and website data so you
can analyze and optimize every step of your funnel.

Identify winning and losing campaigns quickly

Stop wasting time exporting reports and updating spreadsheets

The Executive

RJMetrics equips your entire team with data and gives you
the visibility you need whenever and wherever you are.

Track departmental and team performance against goals

Get critical reports delivered via email

The Analyst

RJMetrics lets you explore your data and get the
insights you need in a fraction of the time.

Analyze cohort behavior in any dataset

Define relationships and join data from across your warehouse

The Engineer

Our software manages your entire data pipeline and gives
non-technical users the tools they need to self-service.

Connect to popular RDBMS and cloud platforms in minutes

Scale to petabytes with managed Redshift instances

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