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Customer Acquisition

  • What is my customer lifetime value by ad channel?
  • Which of my campaigns has the highest and lowest ROI?
  • What segments performed best in my retention marketing campaigns?
RJMetrics helps us figure out the best way for people to first interact with our brand. We know exactly what product to show people up front to create the most valuable customers.
Tom Montgomery,

Customer Retention

  • Are we getting better at creating valuable, loyal customers?
  • Have any VIP customers recently filed a complaint?
  • How much of my revenue is coming from new vs. repeat customers?


  • What’s ARR, CAC, churn rate, and customer lifetime value?
  • Who are our most loyal users?
  • How do our core metrics segment by plan level?

Advanced analytics

RJMetrics gives you the advanced analytics of a Fortune 500 company without hiring a team of analysts.

Cohort Analysis

Use cohort analysis to measure the effects your growth efforts on customer behavior, from conversion rate optimization to customer loyalty programs.

Churn Analysis

What differentiates the best businesses is how they incorporate and adapt to customer feedback, and churn is the clearest feedback you can get. Learn the behaviors and characteristics of your customers that are causing your customers to churn.

Marketing ROI

Identify the channels and campaigns bringing in valuable, repeat customers by calculating ROI using your most important metrics: customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.

Revenue Analytics

Measure revenue consistently and accurately in every single scenario. With one single source of truth, you’ll be always be able to trust revenue metrics, whether a report is coming from your CFO or your Marketing Director.

Email Segmentation

Send better emails by building highly targeted lists based on purchase behavior, date of last purchase, customer lifetime value, or any other customer attribute.

Holiday Performance

Improve holiday performance by using data to optimize ad spend on key shopping days, ensure you have enough inventory on hand, and plan a follow-up strategy to turn holiday buyers into loyal customers.

How it works

RJMetrics connects to the data sources you already use to run your business. It pipes all of this data into one central data warehouse. Using our simple interface, you can get answers to all your business questions in one place.


Automatically Updated Reports

Build your reports once, enjoy the insights forever.

Simple UI

RJMetrics' interface is built for business users. Enjoy drag-and-drop metrics, one-click filtering, and easy chart customizations.

Email Updates

Schedule reports to be sent to you or your team on a regular basis.

SQL Report Builder Beta

Delight analysts by giving them direct access to your data so they can quickly write SQL queries and visualize results.

Privacy Controls

Set access to every metric, chart, and dashboard at the user level.

Pre-Built Data Integrations

Use our library of database and cloud integrations to automatically connect your data.

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