Repeat Purchase Rate

Market to Your Existing Customers

Your existing customers are the easiest segment to target with marketing campaigns. Not only do you have their contact information—they’ve already had a positive engagement with your brand! RJMetrics allows you to identify customer segments based on purchase history so that you can target them with offers, promotions, email marketing, and retargeting.

Identify Drop-Off Points

With RJMetrics, you can identify exactly where the hurdles in your repurchase rates exist. Do customers frequently make a second purchase but then fail to make a third? Those hurdles can be the perfect opportunity for an email campaign with offers or promotions. Combine the timing of an email campaign with product purchase history insights and watch your repurchase rate increase.

Analyze Your Lapsed Customers

Some customers aren’t coming back, and that’s OK. Customers that never return to your store are actually an incredibly valuable source of data. What did they purchase? What were their customer satisfaction scores? What marketing messages were they targeted with? Use RJMetrics to figure out why some customers never return so that you can improve the experience for new customers.

Measure Your Subscription Commerce

Subscription commerce is a very effective tool at encouraging repeat purchases, but comes with a whole new set of measurement challenges. RJMetrics includes a full suite of metrics, including churn and subscription LTV analysis, that are built for subscription-based models. If you have a subscription-based online store, we’ve got you covered.