Average Order Value

Identify Your Revenue Drivers

Is your revenue growing because of more purchases from new customers, more repeat purchases, or an increase in average order value? If you don’t know which, you won’t know what you’re doing well and what you need to improve upon. RJMetrics gives you visibility into all of the trends underlying your top-line revenue so that you know exactly what is driving the growth of your business.

Measure Your Best Marketing Efforts

Some marketing channels are great for driving volume, and others are better for drawing in fewer, higher-value customers. Make sure you know the metrics of your channels so you know which to utilize when you want to release a new product or campaign. RJMetrics can slice your average order value by marketing channel and campaign.

Don’t Dilute Your Prices

Coupon and discount codes might bring in twice as many orders, but it’s critical to view the full picture of how they change customer behavior. Are discounts acting as effective customer acquisition and reactivation tools or are they just diluting your prices? RJMetrics can show you the average order value of subsequent purchases for users who initially bought with a discount code. Make sure you’re deploying discounts effectively.