RJMetrics + Salesforce

Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM app, allows you to track prospects and customers across each stage of the funnel and beyond. Connect Salesforce to your data warehouse to gain visibility into every facet of your sales and marketing funnel. The RJMetrics Salesforce integration replicates your Salesforce objects, including custom ones. Monitor the health of your sales funnel in a single dashboard, analyze what factors drive engagement with your ideal buyer, measure the results of A/B tests in your sales process, and much more!

Setup: 5 MINUTES

What you can learn:

  • Are new cohorts of sales reps ramping up and closing more deals faster?
  • What is the conversion probability based on the actions a prospect has taken?
  • Which prospects in my funnel are at the highest risk of churning?
  • What is the typical time between lead creation and opportunity close date?

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