Connect all your data. RJMetrics connects to all of your databases so that you can analyze data from throughout your business. RJMetrics supports both SQL-based and NoSQL databases, allowing you to connect unstructured data from MongoDB and interact with it in a SQL-based environment. Query, visualize, and join data from throughout your organization, wherever it lives.

RJMetrics database integrations are built for massive tables. Replicate data based on primary keys for immutable objects and based on a modified date field for mutable objects to scale indefinitely.


When you’re dealing with mission-critical organizational data, security is paramount. RJMetrics handles your data with the utmost care. Your system connects to RJMetrics through secure protocols like SSH and IPSec, and you are provided with a static IP address to whitelist in your firewall. Additionally, RJMetrics can connect to a slave or backup database server to keep your production infrastructure isolated.

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