Threadless implements a BI platform in weeks during a period of breakneck growth.

INDUSTRY: Ecommerce

LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois

implements a BI platform in weeks during a period of breakneck growth.

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Business Problem

Threadless faced the problem that every retailer wants dreams of: its sales were growing so quickly that its internal systems were having a hard time keeping up. “Our company has been growing faster than our tech team,” said Threadless Solutions Architect Atkins Meyer. In order to keep the growth machine humming the marketing and ops teams needed data to drive their day-to-day decisions. Complicating the equation was the fact that its sales and fulfillment back end systems were all custom developed. As Meyer said, “We were searching for a magic bullet business intelligence solution: one that would work with our custom data but didn’t require a ton of implementation time.”


RJMetrics was able to deliver on both customizability and speed of implementation. “Implementation was great,” said Meyer. “A few short calls were all that was required, and RJMetrics delivered our initial set of reporting functionality in a few weeks. The launch was very successful and now every department is hungry for more metrics.” RJMetrics’ implementation process is customized for every customer. Real humans analyzed Threadless’ data and designed metrics specifically for their data sources and business needs. “We looked at several business intelligence products,” said Meyer. “RJMetrics was able to build the custom dashboards that we knew we needed to run our business.”

Ongoing Value and Support

Along with analyzing core ecommerce metrics like customer lifetime value and cohort analysis, Threadless has been able to monitor custom metrics. Threadless discovered key relationships between purchasing behavior and community activity such as voting, designing, and commenting that have enabled it to ramp up online community engagement. Inventory metrics have also proven to be important. RJMetrics provided Threadless with access to new insights by studying changes to their inventory database over time. “The metrics around our inventory data are extremely valuable. Now we can optimize our supply chain and eliminate some of the inventory sore spots, which cost us real money,” said Meyer. Meyer describes RJMetrics customer support as “Excellent” and “Incredibly helpful”. When asked if he would recommend RJMetrics, Meyer responded, “These guys are awesome!”

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