offers a broad array of products -- from home goods to high-end accessories -- aimed at tapping into Morocco’s thriving ecommerce market. Like many online businesses, one of their core challenges is identifying top-performing marketing channels and campaigns.

“We were doing marketing ROI calculations in Excel every day and it took an incredible amount of time,” said Youssef Tlemcani, Marketing Manager at “It was easily consuming half my day. We needed a way to efficiently monitor and optimize campaign performance across channels.”

They chose RJMetrics. RJMetrics allowed them to join acquisition source with a user’s purchase history, layer in ad spend, and automate the entire process so Youssef could get back to executing marketing campaigns instead of crunching numbers in Excel.

Optimizing Marketing Spend

The first thing Youssef did after signing up for RJMetrics was connect their major advertising channels, Adwords and Facebook. Next, he built metrics like Cost Per Order, Revenue Per Click, and Average Lifetime Value. From there, RJMetrics automatically calculated these metrics for each channel and campaign. Youssef was ready to start taking action.

His primary focus was on Facebook, a channel driving significant traffic to He implemented two strategies:

  1. Real-time optimization: Youssef saw that when Facebook wasn’t performing well, it was usually due to just one or two campaigns performing poorly. He began making small, incremental tweaks to underperforming campaigns, waiting a few hours, and then returning to RJMetrics to check performance. “And I did this without having to spend a single minute reanalyzing the data!”
  2. Remarketing to existing customers: Youssef was also interested in using Facebook to drive long-term customer loyalty. He built user lists in RJMetrics of one-time buyers from Facebook, imported that list to Facebook, then targeted those very specific audiences with messaging to come back and purchase again. This highly-targeted approach generated repeat purchases with a very low Cost Per Order.

“Having easily accessible, up-to-date data on our marketing ROI data made all the difference in helping us execute quickly. Over the past month, we’ve seen an 80% increase in revenue, with only a 40% increase in marketing spend,” said Youssef. “With RJMetrics we’re able to invest our ad spend smarter than we have in the past.”

Most marketers only attribute first purchase when calculating ROI, but there’s a better way.

What’s Next

Now that is spending less time analyzing data, the team has a little more time to think about tackling new projects. Next up:

“RJMetrics has become a marketing tool that I use every single day. It allows me to do in two minutes something that would take a week if we were doing it manually,” said Youssef. “I’m looking forward to delegating every bit of my daily analysis to RJMetrics.”