Coupaw has always found that success comes with nurturing the bonds that humans have with their pets. This starts at headquarters where employees are invited to bring their four-legged friends along to work (cats included!), and it extends to their affiliate marketing program.

The founders of Coupaw have a long history in performance-based marketing. From the beginning, they suspected this model would work particularly well in the world of daily deals for pets. Pet owners talk about their pets and other owners naturally trust their recommendations and referrals. An affiliate program allowed Coupaw to monetize that trust in a way that benefitted the bloggers and websites participating in the program.

Corinne Formisano joined the Coupaw team with the primary purpose of growing and optimizing the affiliate marketing program.

“RJMetrics made it really easy for us to spot the affiliates that were driving our Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) up by sending non-purchasing subscribers versus those that were driving quality traffic that turned into transactions.”

Corinne Formisano, Director of Marketing

Taking Measure through RJMetrics

One of the first things Corinne did was use RJMetrics to evaluate all affiliates based on ROI. When a new affiliate starts with Coupaw, they’re able to choose how they’re paid: either on a subscriber basis (when a user gives their email address) or transaction basis (when the visitor buys something).

Using this information Coupaw segmented their affiliates into three groups:

  1. Affiliates that were sending high volumes of subscribing and non-buying traffic
  2. Affiliate untapped potentials that were sending in low volumes of traffic, but traffic that was converting to customers at a high rate
  3. Affiliate powerhouses that were sending high volumes of transacting traffic
Most marketers only attribute first purchase when calculating ROI, but there's a better way.

Getting to Gold

Corinne used information from this analysis to do a clean-up on their affiliates. Where Corinne discovered affiliates sending over high volumes of non-transacting traffic, she switched those relationships to the transaction model. Having the ability to shed non-purchasing subscribers had an immediate impact on the overall ROI of the program.

With the first win taken care of, Corinne shifted her focus to the second segment of affiliates. She set up phone calls and talked them through best practices that were helping drive the success of the most efficient affiliates. Plus, she let them know she’d be checking back at a designated time to talk about their progress.

The high level of support paid off, by March of 2014, the ROI of the affiliate program was 2x higher.


What's Next

Affiliates have always played a big role Coupaw’s success and now Coupaw is able to use data to help their best partners be even more successful. “We’re going to continue to invest in making our affiliate onboarding process even better,” Corrine says. “We’ve started benchmarking performance for new partners, and I’m now working with individual affiliates on a one-one-one basis to provide coaching to help them reach their goals.”