CallFire deploys enterprise-level BI at a fraction of the cost.

INDUSTRY: Telecommunications

LOCATION: Santa Monica, California

deploys enterprise-level BI at a fraction of the cost.

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Business Problem

Callfire found itself in an interesting situation: it needed to integrate the metrics for two separate customer acquisition funnels. The company was in the middle of a transition from one technology platform to another, and needed to keep both funnels running while applying a common set of metrics across the board. “Our technical folks were hard at work on the transition and on keeping both systems up and running,” said Ron. “They didn’t have time to also deal with all of the complexity behind translating the output from both systems into a common set of metrics.”


The executive team was initially hesitant about adopting a cloud-based BI platform. As Ron related, “At my last company, we spent $500k on SAP and the whole project was a failure. Here, speed of implementation was critical for us; we didn’t have time for an extended implementation. Fortunately, the RJMetrics team had our dashboards ready for us in five days flat.” The team initially rolled out customer acquisition metrics, tracking every activity in the funnel from signup to paying customer. This data was used extensively to evaluate the legacy acquisition funnel vs. the new platform being rolled out. One interesting and unexpected discovery? It turns out that real-time chat was one of the biggest drivers of conversion-to-paid. Once the intitial set of metrics was implemented, the Callfire team didn’t want to stop. Ron relates “we’re going to be integrating RJM all year. We’re so pleased with how it’s working we’re just going to keep integrating data sources.”


The folks at CallFire have become addicted to their drillable dashboards. “Without RJMetrics there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to do my job,” says Josh Malin, VP of Marketing. “One recent exploration allowed me to find a marketing channel that seemed like a waste of money that in fact was not. The analysis took ten minutes in RJMetrics. In the past it would have taken a whole day (and probably never would have happened at all).” Ron adds “Real-time enterprise BI is hard to come by, and RJ makes it a snap.” CEO Dinesh Ravishanker brings it back to the big picture: “Decisions are being made much faster because of RJMetrics.”

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