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2015 is an online employment marketplace and mobile portal dedicated to connecting India’s job seekers to prospective employers. Babajob launched its services targeting the informal sector, since people working as cooks, nannies, security guards, etc. comprise 94% of the country’s workforce. Demand for the service is high. In 2015, the company registered its 5 millionth job seeker, and brought on former PepsiCo India’s head of digital marketing as their new CMO.

Mrinal Mohanka, Business Operations Manager

“RJMetrics lets us look at how our mobile users break down, without needing to know SQL—plain and simple.”

A mobile-focused operation

Since it launched in 2007, Babajob has worked to make the labor market more efficient by meeting their users on the platforms they use. In India, this means being available through mobile. Babajob offers five ways for candidates to register via mobile: mobile web, SMS, the Babajob Android app, UssD, or a call back service. “The simplest way for a job seeker to register is through the missed call,” explains Mrinal Mohanka, Business Operations Manager, “It’s a free call, and we call back within minutes at no charge to the user.”

Growing pains

Knowing the answer to that question of how people are signing up for Babajob is important, and it’s impossible to answer without data. As the company grew, so too did the amount of data they produced. The team needed to understand how users were signing up. They also needed to understand job-seeker activities across multiple platforms, track data coming in from employers posting jobs, and then match job-seekers based on multiple factors including location, salary, and eligibility.

“We have data coming from so many places that we needed to make sure everyone was looking at the same numbers, and in a centralized location” says Mrinal. For this, they turned to RJMetrics.

RJMetrics has become the core data analytics tool the company as a whole depends on to stay on the same page. Babajob’s analytics team uses a range of tools that include Matlab and R for deep data exploration, but RJMetrics is where the team checks in to see how the company is doing. “We have so many things happening that we need BI on a daily basis to see what is and isn’t working” says Mrinal.

RJMetrics makes it easy to explore your data in an intuitive interface backed up by a lightning fast cache.

Using data to figure out what’s working

RJMetrics has become deeply integrated in the team’s workflows. Three of the most important dashboards they rely on are around mobile users, job seeker trends, and understanding fulfillment.

“To do the analyses we were interested in, we had to combine several data sources” said Mrinal. “The RJMetrics team was available to answer questions via email, chat, and phone throughout.”

Staying focused

The entire Babajob team relies on RJMetrics to access information about the company’s performance. “The transparency breeds trust,” says Mrinal. It also keeps them working hard to constantly improve the experience for both job seekers and employers. “When we try something new, we can see whether or not it’s making a difference” says Mrinal. “Being able to see the numbers on a daily basis keeps us striving to do better.”

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