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RJMetrics solves your entire data problem

Your data is scattered throughout the cloud, making it impossible for you to get the insights you need to grow your business. RJMetrics provides all the technology you need to consolidate, optimize, and analyze your data. While you don’t have to understand how that magic happens, we thought you might be curious.

Consolidate Replication Agents

Replication Agents are responsible for keeping your source data in sync with our data warehouse. They’ll watch for new, updated, or deleted records in the systems you use and immediately push those events across. RJMetrics has Replication Agents for major databases and cloud platforms; setting up a connection takes about 30 seconds.

Consolidate Data Collector

The Data Collector is responsible for collecting all the data you can throw at it. Whether you’re sending thousands or millions of records a minute, we’ll scale right along with you. The RJMetrics Data Collector receives data from our Replication Agents, or you can push data to it directly via our Data Import API.

OptimizeAnalyze Transformation Cluster

RJMetrics cleanses, denormalizes, and pre-calculates data before loading it into our data warehouse. This optimization makes analyzing your data easier, faster, and more consistent. Our Transformation Cluster is a horizontally scalable data processing engine built on top of Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

OptimizeAnalyze Analytic Warehouse

At the center of the platform sits our Analytic Warehouse. The warehouse stores every piece of data from all of your connected systems and allows you to analyze all of it in one place. We provide a managed version of Amazon RedShift, enabling you to scale to virtually unlimited data sizes while providing extremely fast analysis.

Optimize In-Memory Cache

When you load a dashboard, you want your charts to display immediately, even if they’re analyzing billions of data points. Our In-Memory Cache intelligently pre-caches key metrics and data points so that when you need answers you get them, fast.

Analyze Analysis Interface

Once your data makes its way through the pipeline, it’s ready for you to get your hands on it. We give you intuitive visual tools to build time series, density, and cohort charts. Put your charts on dashboards and share them with coworkers, display them on a flatscreen in your office or have them delivered straight to your inbox.

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