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Social team exceeded their New Buyer Goal by77%

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The Story

Nick Veith joined Craftsy six months ago. He brought with him a track record of data-driven marketing success, and has been on a mission to institute process and data into Craftsy’s customer acquisition efforts.

His thesis:

In order to create a predictable engine of growth, you need to:

  1. Define your KPIs
  2. Set goals for each KPI
  3. Measure current performance
  4. Identify & execute specific measurable tactics to improve performance

Nick realized that, in order to institutionalize this methodology throughout Craftsy, he would need a flexible tool that could analyze everything that Craftsy did, from website visits to class signups to product sales. In addition, it would have to be so easy-to-use that everyone in marketing would feel comfortable making it a part of their daily lives.

Nick and Craftsy implemented RJMetrics within a week. He then worked with his dedicated analyst to create independent dashboards for every employee in marketing. Social performance, affiliate performance, pay-per-click performance—every person had a KPI, a goal, and a way to measure progress against that goal.

Our regimented approach provides clarity around our goals and RJMetrics gives each department the insight they need to consistently hit those targets. The awareness helped the Crafsty marketing team exceed its goals.

Nick Veith, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

Craftsy continues to get more sophisticated with their use of RJMetrics, but the initial results have been so positive that the team wanted to share. Here just one example of how RJMetrics, and their new data-driven process, has helped them grow.

Social Performance Dashboard

After the dust settled from the goal-setting process, Craftsy’s new dashboards pointed the way towards problem areas. The social performance dashboard in particular was highlighting results that were below goal.

Fortunately, since it was so easy to highlight the lagging metrics, the team got to work right away in looking for tactics to use to improve them. It turns out that success was sitting just across the room in the email marketing team.

The social team asked the email team for discounts that had worked well for them in the past. Then, they used those discounts and targeted them to specific users’ social profiles. The promotion worked. In fact, if you look at the chart below, this promotion is what initially pulled the marketing team’s Actuals (orange) ahead of their Goal (blue). By the end of Q4 the social team exceeded their New Buyers Goal by 77%.


What Does RJ Say?

Since implementing RJMetrics, Craftsy has not only measurably improved their business, they’ve adopted a more data-driven culture. The process of defining KPIs, setting goals, measuring a baseline, and identifying measurable tactics is a part of everything they do. During Craftsy meetings, when someone is searching for clarity into an issue, the most common question has become, “What does RJ say?

RJMetrics is incredibly excited to be a part of Craftsy’s culture of data.

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