RJMetrics helps online businesses make smarter decisions with their data. We provide the kinds of deep insights that were formerly only accessible by large companies willing to invest in full-time data scientists. With RJMetrics, any company can become truly data-driven.

Located in Center City, Philadelphia, RJMetrics is now home to 80 exceedingly attractive team members.

Our Team

Robert Moore Founder/CEO
Bob graduated from Princeton and wrote the first version of RJMetrics from his attic in Collingswood, NJ. Bob has also written guest columns for TechCrunch, licensed a Poker odds calculator to The Sharper Image, built a wildly popular AIM chatbot, helped design products for late-night infomercials, and opened on-stage for Vanilla Ice (seriously).
Jake Stein Founder/COO
Jake graduated from Wharton and heads up sales, support, and new customer implementations. He started a landscaping business in high school and was the 44th ranked table tennis player under 21 in New Jersey. He once got a ride to lunch from Warren Buffett.
Chris Merrick VP of Engineering
Chris studied Physics at Princeton, and joined RJMetrics at the beginning of 2010. When he's not coding, he spends his time thinking about the company's software architecture. He worked as a roadie during highschool and college, and once smashed a guitar owned by a Grammy Award winning artist on stage. He also once beat the former 44th ranked table tennis player under 21 in New Jersey in a game of ping pong.
Bill Piel Director of Engineering
Bill graduated from U of Delaware a long time ago. For years, he co-ran a web development shop, working in his Philly apartment while wearing only boxer shorts. He has driven through 47 US states and the Baja Peninsula. He has eaten multiple grasshopper (chapulines) tacos. He was briefly in a Mexican jail ($50 bribe). He taught himself to program in BASIC at age 9. He has big drums in his basement that he plays sometimes.
Connor McArthur Engineer
Connor studied Computer Engineering at Villanova University. He spends his spare time learning about new technology, writing web apps for friends and campus organizations, and compulsively buying domain names. He once built a snow fort that stood two stories high, and holds the record for the most miles ever completed at his high school's charity relay (25!). He also enjoys golf, soccer and long walks on the beach.
Mark Licurse Analyst
Mark recently received a PhD from Penn in Materials Science and Engineering. His easily digestible thesis was titled "Transmission Electron Microscope Studies of Modulated Mixed A-site Perovskites." Mark currently is deriving a great deal of his happiness from his location in the RJMetrics "About Us" page one position directly above Shaun McAvinney.
Cathy Lennon Engineer
Cathy recently graduated from MIT, where she received a PhD in Mathematics. Before that, she did her undergrad at Columbia University, where she majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. She is interested in promoting women in science and engineering and also thoroughly enjoys riding, fixing, and cleaning her bicycle.
Yiannis Nicolaou Engineer
Yiannis graduated from Drexel University with both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Computer Science. Prior to joining RJMetrics he worked as a Software Engineer with a company that specializes in casino management systems. Yiannis is originally from Cyprus where he picked up on Greek etiquette such as breaking plates and drinking ouzo. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, trying good food and taking strolls around Philadelphia.
Matt Monihan UX Designer
Matt graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Prior to RJMetrics, he cofounded Jarvus Innovations, a software company in the Northern Liberties. In his spare time, he likes to go hiking, plays guitar, and rants obsessively about the future of 3D printing.
Lisa DellaPorta Administrative Coordinator
Lisa studied English and education at West Chester University, but then found out that teachers have to get up very, very early. Prior to joining RJMetrics, she worked as a newspaper and copy editor, a personal assistant, and a writer/director/breaker-upper-of-teenage-fights for a high school drama department. In her spare time she likes to get lost in the woods and call it hiking, dominate in bananagrams, and read everything she can get her hands on.
Shaun McAvinney Sales Engineer
Shaun started his career in advertising sales at a small publishing house in the Philadelphia area. He left to pursue a financial advisory business in the the Wealth Management division of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. After making connections in the Philadelphia startup scene, he decided to abandon the corporate life and change careers, bringing with him the experience and training necessary to succeed. He spends his spare time watching cancelled tv shows on Netflix, homebrewing beer, and hanging out with his wife, son, and twin daughters. Once, he took advantage of a Wendy's/Airtran promotion loophole, which may have included some dumpster diving. He and four friends flew across the country to San Francisco for and all-expenses-paid vacation.
Xiao Zhou Analyst Team Lead
Xiao loves data. He finds purpose in helping people discover game-changing insights. Prior to RJMetrics, he spent time creating an algorithm that forecasts traveler intentions, and also got his hands dirty at designing a satellite at the CSA (Canadian NASA), and building a fitness machine for the physically disabled. Born in Shanghai and raised in Canada, he's also trilingual, speaking Chinese, French, and English. Offline, you'll find him mountain biking, cooking, and getting into philosophical conversations with strangers.
Owen Jones Engineer
Owen is proud to be the 3rd Drexel graduate working at RJMetrics. He has previously worked in the Philadelphia area at startups, big businesses, and in higher education. He is ready for a challenge. If Owen lived outside of Philadelphia he would hike, snowboard and go rock climbing year round. Instead he enjoys playing the guitar and banjo, reading in Rittenhouse Square, and biking to the city's many coffee shops and restaurants.
Tara Carlin Support Team Lead
Tara graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Information Technology. She loves the relationship between technology and solving problems, and therefore has dreams of technology creation that border on grandiose. Perhaps because Tara has realized that grandiose is great motivation, a love of the TV show ER turned into an EMT certification. An enjoyment of power tools led her to become a foreman with volunteer home repair. And after many failed attempts, she finally learned how to toss pizza dough.
Francis Ryan Engineer
Francis, more commonly known as Buck, graduated from Drexel University, having studied Math and Computer Science. His favorite thing to do is take pictures and his favorite place to be is at any beer garden in Germany. Until his next excursion abroad, he looks forward to days learning more about Computer Science, running throughout Philadelphia, and learning how to swing dance.
Zach Kozac Graphic Designer
Zach knew he wanted to be a designer years before entering into Temple University's Advertising Design program. Since graduating, Zach has worked in many facets of the graphic design industry. Before coming to RJMetrics, he was the Creative Director at Jarvus Innovations, a small web start-up in Northern Liberties. Most of his spare time is dedicated to designing graphic tees, playing with his ridiculously energetic puppy, Eleanor, overusing the word "granular", or knocking a few back at one of South Philadelphia's fine drinking establishments.
Sharon Pan Implementation Team Lead
Sharon graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering. Having recently moved to Philly, she's looking forward to immersing herself in Philly's culture and food scene. She enjoys cooking with her husband, reading YA novels, playing board games, and winning at Mario Kart (GameCube version!).
Tristan Handy VP of Marketing
Tristan has a degree in Finance from the UMD College Park and an MBA in entrepreneurship from UNC Chapel Hill. He spent five years ironing and tucking in button-down shirts as a management consultant, and been on the run from the white-collar grind since 2009. He loves to make things (straw-bale houses, table lamps, lactose-fermented saurkraut) and is happiest when winning head-to-head competitions of skill. Please send public challenges to @jthandy. He dares you.
Ben Garvey Engineer
Ben worked for 10 years in industrial automation after getting a BS in Computer Science from American University. His greatest life achievement was being thanked in the credits of Age of Empires 2. A self described chart junkie, Ben developed what Technically Philly called, "the coolest, most comprehensive City of Philadelphia budget visualization you've ever seen."
Peter Marinari Director of Account Management
Peter holds a degree in Journalism from Drexel University. After a brief stint in higher ed administration, he spent ten years developing marketing campaigns for clients in the health care industry. His move to RJMetrics highlights a longtime love affair with relational databases. Peter once jumped out of a plane as a team-building exercise; it worked pretty well. He writes the longest-running blog in Philly, fronts a rock band with his best friend, and watches (and debates) sci-fi movies with his wife.
Greg Guthe Engineer
Greg liked to play with blocks as a kid. He studied Physics at Haverford College where he ran simulations of molecular blocks forming photoconductive nanotubes. You might find him briefly running along the Schuylkill river near the Art Museum or chasing a soccer ball at the park. He did the Grand Portage with a wooden canoe once, hopes to hike the Pacific Crest Trail someday, and still plays with blocks.
Brian Sloane Front End Developer
Brian graduated from Johns Hopkins University where he majored in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He went on to get is MBA from the R.H. Smith School of Business while doing technical R&D at a financial firm in Baltimore, MD. In 2011 he moved to Philadelphia to work for another web based startup. In his spare time he loves taking photos, traveling and always keeping up with the latest technology.
Mike DeLaurentis Engineer
Mike has worked as a software engineer for a few different companies in the area, using a lot of different languages and technologies, like Clojure, Python, Perl, and Java. He has a BS in Computer Science from Drexel University, and is currently working towards a Master's degree. Mike can often be found renovating his crazy old Victorian house in West Philly, where he lives with his wife and their Beagle. He loves cooking, brewing, traveling, hiking, and listening to music. He definitely doesn't have a weird habit of counting syllables. 18.
Seth Faigin VP of Sales and Account Management
Seth is a University of Florida alum and now heads up sales and account management. His illustrious career began serving up 31 flavors of ice cream and now he serves unlimited flavors of data. When not helping clients improve their business, Seth can be found adding to his sneaker and t-shirt collections. If you have a business in need of accessing and understanding their data and/or a unique sneaker or t-shirt, Seth awaits your call!
Sarah Howard Account Manager
Sarah graduated with a BS in Hospitality Administration at Boston University. With her advanced skills in Hotel and Restaurant Management, she naturally dove right into the tech startup industry. Through her experience, she mastered and coined the term, "technical therapy" - stabilizing and strengthening client relationships. In her spare time, you can find Sarah running or lifting weights to counter the countless dinners and desserts she makes from scratch.
Brian Signer Director of Sales
Brian received both a B.A. in History and a J.D. from the University of Florida. Deciding law was not for him, he embarked on a glorious career in sales. In his spare time, he writes screenplays (hopefully one coming soon to a theatre near you), watches sports, and contemplates the meaning of life and other lite fare.
Anita Garimella Andrews VP, Client Analytics Services
After graduating high school when she was 16, Anita went to NYU and by 18, had a degree in Politics and a minor in Mathematics. This gave her plenty of time in life to do worthwhile things like foster her loves for eating desserts, working out, watching movies (which she has very low standards for), and reading. After fighting urban blight, improving immigrant rights, and raising the bar on NYC living by working for then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani, she decided campaigns weren't her thing and got her Master's in Computer Science from Stanford. Along the way, she's run product, marketing, analytics and e-commerce at a variety of companies including Ingenio (bought by AT&T YellowPages), Nutrisystem, and Sepiida (which she founded and was acquired by Delphic Digital). In her spare time, she tries to do a good job as a wife and mother to her 17 month old daughter.
Ben Ramsey Director of Sales
Ben is the tallest person at RJ and would like everyone to know that he does not, in fact, play basketball. He recently moved here from NYC, where he's spent his career building and growing sales teams in start-up organizations. A graduate from Hobart College (he hadn't heard of it either) and a four-year rower there, he's excited to join the happening scene here in Philly.
Jonah Coste Analyst
Jonah studied Computational Finance at Carnegie Mellon University. He moved to Philadelphia after graduating to train for the USRowing National Team (he came close). Prior to joining RJMetrics he worked as a Database Engineer at a healthcare analytics company when he wasn't rowing. He loves data and its uses in sports and politics. He once spent a weekend in the wilderness training for the apocalypse.
Janessa Lantz Director of Content Marketing
Janessa moved to Philadelphia to get her BS in Fashion Marketing at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. She got the degree, fell in love with the city, and happily ditched the fashion industry in favor of business-to-business SaaS marketing. Janessa grew up without television so she won’t get any pop culture references pre-2005, and probably very few after that. In her spare time she’s usually reading, napping, or delivering spontaneous lectures on her current topics of interest.
Maya (Salloum) Zito Account Manager
Maya graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Marketing. She honed her customer service skills working as an affiliate marketing coordinator and a store manager. She enjoys binge-watching TV shows with her husband, cuddling with her kittens (Gizmo and Fez), the color red, and all things vintage.
Stephanie Liu Front End Developer
Stephanie graduated from Villanova University as a Biology major, only to find her true calling in the tech industry. She enjoys indulging in the simple pleasures of life such as consuming more ramen than she would like to admit, curling up with a good book, and watching Pixar movies as often as possible. She is also currently, though hopefully temporarily, the most pop-culturally stunted person at RJMetrics.
Mia Lopez Sales Ops
Mia recently graduated Santa Clara University with a degree in Finance. It seemed practical at the time, but while living in The Valley, she caught the startup bug. She then found her way to RJMetrics. Mia is obsessed with analytics, her adorable new puppy Elliot and Law and Order: SVU. No really, she has watched every single episode, most of them more than once. She will defend the Miami Heat in any type of duel and (unrelated) once wrestled a duck.
Michael Gerstein Account Manager
Michael graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering. In addition to earning his degree, he also earned a championship while playing for the Rutgers University Inner-Tube Water Polo Team. In his spare time, Michael enjoys going on new excursions, playing pick-up basketball, and hashtagging BigData.
Josh Karstendick Engineer
Joshua graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and he's been in Philly ever since. He's a big sci-fi and Star Trek fan, having spent his first ever paycheck as a kid on the Star Trek Encyclopedia. When he's not walking his corgis (Brody and Lacy) through South Philadelphia, he enjoys puzzles, board games, card games and video games, not to mention writing computer programs to solve puzzles and play games.
Jay Olman Analyst
Jay is a big fan of new companies and entrepreneurship. Having studied mechanical engineering at Penn, he invented consumer goods at a product development startup before joining RJMetrics. A scientist at heart, Jay's kitchen is a de facto culinary laboratory—safety glasses encouraged, earplugs not required (usually). He enjoys living in Philadelphia and welcomes any excuse to visit the Palestra.
Alex Kleger Analyst
Alex studied Information Sciences at Penn State. After working for a large, large, large company as a public sector consultant, he decided being platinum on US Air and getting more holiday cards from hotels than people wasn’t for him. In his free time, Alex can be found eating at as many restaurants in Philly as he can or watching every single Phillies game. He likes puzzles, his cat, puzzles of his cat, and Marc Maron.
Natalie Cross Administrative Coordinator
Natalie graduated Rutgers University earning degrees in Communication and American Studies. During her 4 year stint in New Jersey, she hosted the wildly popular radio show, Disco Monkey, on the wildly popular radio station, 90.3 The Core. In her free time you can find her laughing at her own jokes, whistling, and talking smack on the dodgeball court.
Leah Ard Account Executive
Leah picked her college major out of a hat. She got civil engineering which she went on to study at Temple University. Today she helps people figure out how to use data, instead of hats, to make important business decisions. In her free time Leah enjoys yoga, skiing in the Rockies, checking out Philly's awesome restaurant scene, and birdwatching. In fact, Leah is RJMetrics' first amateur ornithologist.
Tucker McDonald Account Manager
Tucker graduated from Roanoke College with a degree in International Relations. After many moves around the country growing up, time spent overseas after school, and a couple quick years in Washington D.C., he was drawn back to Philadelphia and its growing startup scene. When not helping awesome SaaS and Ecommerce companies make data-driven decisions, Tucker can be found in his kitchen creating new concoctions for his future restaurants, or planning on how to become a racecar driver.
Henry Hund Marketing Operations Lead
Henry has degrees in finance and technology from Penn State and an MBA from Wharton. He won a statewide award for best data-driven website design when he was a senior in high school, right after he served time in detention for hacking. After a stint in finance, he decided that focusing on his first passions, coding and data, was probably the right idea--regardless of what that vice principal had to say. When he’s not busy recounting decade-old stories, he enjoys fermenting things (kombucha, beer), eating all the delicious foods Philadelphia has to offer, snowboarding, and pretending to be a hiker.
Jesse Carah Analyst
Jesse studied political science and applied statistics at Washington University in St. Louis where he developed a deep interest in finding creative ways to leverage data to answer interesting questions. Following a brief stint as a freelance statistical consultant in Seattle, he packed two bags and moved across the country to join the RJMetrics team. In his free time, Jesse enjoys playing pickup basketball and barbecuing sundry pork products on makeshift smokers.
Tim Jones Engineer
Tim completed his Ph.D. in Physics at Drexel University. As a grad student, he served as the system administrator for the department and fell in love with the concept of dev-ops. He also won a university essay contest and made occasional contributions to the school paper, including a short-lived comic series about politically-minded dogs. His idea of fun is to ride a 50 mile round-trip on bike to Valley Forge in 90 degree weather.
Eric DeLone Account Manager
Eric graduated from Wharton with a degree in Finance. Prior to joining RJMetrics, he spent four years working at a trading firm in Chicago before making the decision to change careers and move back to his hometown of Philly. In that span between jobs, he traveled around the world to 20 countries on six continents while documenting quite a bit of the journey on his blog. He likes trying out new restaurants, is an avid fan of Philly sports, and enjoys skiing, ice hockey, and golf in his free time.
Anna Edwards Account Executive
Anna graduated from Queen's University in Ontario with a degree in Art History. It wasn't long before she realized her passion for start-ups and helping businesses grow, and she got started at an e-commerce start-up in New York. Anna recently moved to Philly and joined the RJMetrics team as an Account Executive. She is ambidextrous, trilingual and very good at memorizing things; she loves pasta, people, animals, architecture and Scandinavian police dramas on Netflix.
Chris Travaglini Account Executive
Chris is a proud graduate of the University of Delaware and a native of the Philadelphia area. While a Blue Hen Chris was a re-founding father of his Fraternity. Prior to joining RJMetrics he was an analyst for a business development and consultancy group within a nationally recognized securities litigation firm. In his free time Chris likes to golf, golf and golf. In the summer, when not golfing, you can find him at the Whitebrier in Avalon, NJ on the weekends or by himself pondering the vastness of the universe.
Andrew Hoagland Account Executive
Andrew studied Economics and Chinese at Kenyon College, and joined RJMetrics in early 2014. Prior to RJ he worked at Citigroup and a start up toy company called Neat-Oh! International. He is an endurance nut who regularly competes in triathlons and marathons. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and will defend all the Buffalo sports teams to his dying day.
Marek Loder Account Executive
Marek is a Philadelphia native who graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Earth and Environmental Science and a fierce determination to find a solution to climate change. Prior to joining RJMetrics, he spent three years working in the strategy and marketing department of a local clean tech software and consulting company. On his weekends, you’ll find Marek either renovating properties, playing sports, or fly fishing for trout in the Wissahickon - the creek he grew up on. Marek’s been told that he’s a lot like a yellow lab: a fun-loving, very loyal, and easily distractible Big Galoot.
Johanna Richardson Product Manager
Johanna earned her undergraduate degree in art history from Harvard and eventually went back to school to obtain an MBA from UCLA. She realized that she loved technology while working in a range of positions over the years at Google. While there, she formally bid adieu to her thoughts of pursuing an academic career in the arts. The fact that she was the captain of the math team in high school should have tipped her off earlier that she was really a nerd at heart.
Matthew Bilyeu Engineer
Matthew graduated from Drexel University with a BS in Computer Science. Before coming to RJMetrics as a software engineer he worked for a small defense contractor in New Jersey, building radar simulation applications. He spent most of his formative years killing time on the internet, which is probably where his love affair with technology blossomed. Outside of work he likes reading, occasionally writing, and cell phone photography.
David Wallace Analyst
David spent his last few years working in a Neuroengineering lab at Drexel University, where he used a novel data visualization technique to provide insight into the network structure of spinal neurons. After discovering his passion for Business Intelligence, he decided to use his unique analytics perspective to help businesses make more data-driven decisions. David is the Founder and Organizer of Split Screen Philly and at one point, he was signed to a record label in Japan and (almost) made into the Need for Speed: Most Wanted soundtrack. Outside of work, you can typically find him at some-band-you’ve-never-heard-of’s show or drinking the delicious craft beer of Philadelphia.
Safraz Hassen Analyst
Safraz grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka and came to to the US to study Economics and Business at Lafayette College. He aspires to be a jack-of-all-trades, and a master at helping clients make better data-driven decisions. Safraz spends his spare time picking up useless tidbits of information, traveling, and obsessing about cricket and soccer. His current focus is on fine-tuning his free-kick technique, though admittedly, the technique might need more than just a fine-tune.
Alexander Mann Engineer
Alex ventured north from Ohio to study mathematics, computer science, and fine art at the University of Toronto. While there, he became fascinated in everything from machine learning and data mining to graffiti and the traditional Canadian sport of politeness. He once stole an ice bar from his own event, ran a half marathon with 10 hours notice, and almost fell off of a mountain. When he's not reading up on different mathematical proofs or going for a run, Alex can be found in the kitchen or in the soup kitchen.
Dan Cho Account Manager
Dan is a graduate of the University of Rochester with a degree in Financial Economics. Before joining RJMetrics, Dan dabbled in the worlds of education and management consulting. His proudest accomplishment since moving to Philadelphia is eating a whole Philly Taco. He likes to play sports, try different craft beers, and root for the Dallas Cowboys.
Lauren Hallden Graphic Designer
Lauren studied art and design first at Moore and then at Penn, where she was the first graduate of the Emerging Design and Research program. She is the creator of an online dating text generator that was featured on Slate and a twitter bot that got a shoutout in the Washington Post. When she’s not online, Lauren might be out for a run or attempting a yoga inversion. She lives in Philly’s up-and-coming Port Richmond neighborhood in a 90-year-old fixer-upper with her pet gecko, Ox.
Anna Kegler Staff Writer
Anna is from Minnesota, like all the other cool people. She graduated from Smith College with a degree in Latin American Studies and Portuguese-Brazilian Studies, worked in immigration law for a while, went to Penn for a Master's degree in Criminology, and then finally figured out that communications is her true love. Anna spent a year in in college living in Rio de Janeiro, and once spent a summer in the Peruvian High Amazon, where she became really good at not chopping off her own leg with a machete while clearing fields for reforestation. Outside of work, she fights street harassment, writes about PSA campaigns, watches Brazilian soap operas, runs, plays the oboe, dances salsa and bachata, and finds new ways to enjoy glitter. Her principal role models are Mariah Carey, Ugly Betty, and Liz Lemon.
Alex Bergeron Account Executive
Alex studied Business Communications at Arizona State University. Upon graduation, he moved to Philadelphia to find love in a strange place. After working for a non-profit education group and a sales and marketing firm in Philadelphia, Alex is excited to be helping businesses make data-driven decisions. Outside of work, Alex enjoys using his New York Times subscription, playing basketball, swimming, exploring the burgeoning food scene in Philadelphia, and hopelessly rooting for his favorite sports team, the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Nouras Haddad Business Development
Originally from Croatia, Nouras graduated from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, also known as the local branch of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After graduation he decided to practice his trade and joined an investment bank. He later got his MBA from the Wharton School, started an ecommerce company while at school and joined RJMetrics after graduation. In his spare time, Nouras has developed a habit of moving house, (voluntarily) changing address twelve times in eight years and across four continents. He can routinely be found eating portions suggested for two people. Not owning a TV is probably the most counter-culture thing he has ever done.
Salvatore Calvo Analyst
Sal is proud to be the first La Salle grad at RJ, where he majored in finance and minored in math and computer science. While in school, he spent time interning in product management at a financial software firm. He has backpacked solo through Western Europe, and once painted a 50 sq. ft. whiteboard in his bedroom; uses include calculus and caricatures. He is obsessed with self-improvement and welcomes any conversation about trivia, travel or Eagles football.
Taryn Cooper Account Manager
A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (the City of Champions) Taryn attended The Pennsylvania State University where she graduated with honors from the Schreyer Honors College with a degree in Psychology (no, she is not psychoanalyzing you). She has extensive and diverse work experience ranging from real estate to retail operations, but has found that the exciting world of analytics truly satisfies her inner nerd. Taryn lives in Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood with her husband and their dog, Fitz (also known as Mr.F), enjoys bicycling, watching movies and decorating her late 19th century row home.
Nico Schillagi Account Executive
Nico was born in New York and raised in Point Pleasant, New Jersey by his Argentinian father and Colombian mother. After achieving his black belt at the age of 6.5 and modeling in countless child clothing catalogues, he decided to pick up the books. Years later, he would graduate from Villanova University and move to Hoboken, NJ to work for Major League Baseball. After his stint in the big leagues, he went on to work for Olam International where he picked up his obsession with coffee. His passions include, but are not limited to, Villanova basketball, Taylor Swift, movie theatre cuisine, Lionel Messi, and the United States of America.
Hooman Javaheri Engineer
Hooman recently moved to Philadelphia from Boston where he received his PhD in computer science from Northeastern. Prior to RJMetrics, he was an adjunct faculty and researcher at Northeastern. He started with EE in college, switched to CS for grad school, built a lot of hardware and software from scratch, and ended up writing a dissertation on how to send information wirelessly to very small biological organisms. He is originally from Iran and loves to doodle, play poker, read and talk about languages, follow sports, travel, and eat. He is a couchsurfer and has offered his couch to guests from all habitable continents. He can write with both hands in any random direction and once in college wrote his class notes mirrored.
Jennifer Limb Analyst
Jenn graduated from MIT with a degree in Neuroscience, then earned her Masters in Health Policy from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. When she's not obsessively creating auto-calculating Excel spreadsheets or fangirl-ing over new infographics, she's trying out new Smitten Kitchen recipes, exploring (and yelping) Philly's restaurants with her husband, (re)watching Pixar movies, or playing Dominion or Settlers of Catan. Anyone have wheat for ore?
Bill Zogorski Account Executive
Raised locally in Bucks County (a suburb of Philadelphia), Bill kept close to his roots by attending Temple University. He's an avid skier and occasional jogger who recently participated in his first Broad Street Run, though his favorite pastime might be drinking coffee while people-watching in Rittenhouse Square. A veteran of the restaurant business, Bill has developed a strong passion for the food and beverage world. He’s happy to chat about restaurants or small production distilleries.
Kurt Wheeler Engineer
Previously an intern at RJMetrics, Kurt is glad to be back for his first real job. Kurt graduated from Drexel University where he studied Computer Science, along with a bit of Math and Psychology. In his free time Kurt likes to enjoy Philadelphia's many shows, bars, and parks. He also loves games of any sort including board games, video games, and disc golf.
Steven Mayernick Sales Ops
Steve once went over three years without eating any sugar, and has an enthusiasm for high fives rivaled only by Barney Stinson. He does, in fact, do all of his own stunts, and can be found most weekends supporting his beloved Arsenal Gunners at Misconduct Tavern. Talk to him about sabermetrics, German philosophy, or A/B testing.
Steven Marchesani Engineer
“YARJMDG”, or, “yet another RJMetrics Drexel Grad”, Steve joins the RJMetrics team as DevOps Engineer. In his spare time, Steve enjoys American muscle cars, metal and blues music-wise, and making electronic devices do what they weren’t advertised to do. In high school, he made his own Gameboy games that ran on an actual Gameboy.
Frank Yue Analyst
Frank likes taking on challenges in different fields. Before joining RJMetrics, he was tracking a single neuron on a freely moving worm, and trying to figure out how worms 'feel' the environment by making crazy numerical models. He received an engineering degree from Penn, but he spent most of his time learning science.
Tom O’Brien Sales Ops
Tom graduated from the University of Michigan and started his career as the fourth employee of a tech startup in NYC. He moved to Philadelphia to be more like his idol, Bradley Cooper. Tom is currently pursuing both his MBA and law degree at Temple University. He is ambidextrous, addicted to caffeine, and thinks Nas is the best rapper of all time.
Andrew Madonna Growth Engineer
Andrew has been working in web and software development since he was 16. After graduating from West Chester University, he accepted a position at the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn, working in clinical research application development. The subject matter was fascinating, but he wanted to learn about startups and how they are run. So here he is! And yes, his last name IS actually Madonna -- he has the license to prove it.
Marisa Spanial Marketing Coordinator
Marisa moved to Philadelphia to study Psychology at Temple University but, after taking a few business classes, she quickly realized that Marketing was where her true passions lay. So she happily switched her major and never looked back. Outside of the office you can probably find her exploring Philly, training for some kind of race, watching TV shows about space, or shamelessly hanging out with her cat. She was also featured in a workout DVD once, although she still hasn’t mustered the courage to actually watch it.
Siyan Beverly Growth Engineer
If Siyan were to sum up his professional life in a single Twitter post, it would be hashtagged #lifepivoting. After graduating from Rutgers Law and working in DC for a couple of years, Siyan jumped the tracks into software development. He ultimately joined RJMetrics to feed his creative and entrepreneurial passions. He once road-tripped from Washington, D.C. to Seattle and unless you're really good at saying "no", he will probably recruit you to one of his rec soccer teams.
Anthony Lauzon Engineer
Anthony received his H.B.Sc. in computer science from the University of Toronto. After venturing to the US from Canada, he joined Philly startup Invite Media which Google then acquired in 2010. When not writing software, Anthony can be found in his studio going ham(x) on vintage drum machines.
Michael Kreshtool Analyst
Michael is from Wilmington, DE and traveled south for college, earning a degree in Mathematical Business from Wake Forest University. He always knew he wanted to come back north to Philadelphia after school, so he thanks RJ for making that possible. As a huge Philadelphia sports fan, Michael spends (too much) time watching Phillies/Flyers/Eagles games. When he’s not watching sports, Michael spends time playing them as well. As a member of the Wake Forest Club Baseball team, Michael batted an even .333 and ended with an infinite ERA. In addition to baseball, he also loves playing golf, although he is yet to break 90. Michael’s other hobbies include watching, quoting and discussing Seinfeld.
Richard Clark Engineer
Richard moved to Philadelphia to attend Drexel, where he received BS degrees in computer and electrical engineering. He previously worked on cloud-based educational robotics, but found himself having recurring nightmares about his projects gaining sentience; he finds his current job comforting because he knows that nothing programmed in JavaScript is ever going to take over the world. Richard originally wanted to be an inventor, but taught himself to program in middle school (Visual Basic) and has been hooked ever since (and has since learned much better programming languages). During his freshmen year at Drexel, he beat 1,000 students in a K'Nex competition. He prides himself in being the fastest walker in Philadelphia, and strongly suspects that he was hired largely because the fact that he holds a pilot certificate is very prominently advertised on his resume.

Our Culture

We apply our focus on data to all areas of our life. We analyze the lyrics of our favorite songs, understand the business models of our online dating sites and try to optimize our commutes. Whether we're talking about work or our personal lives, we are obsessive about the data that drives what we do.

Here is our best attempt at scrapbooking to show you a typical day at RJMetrics.

Board of Directors

We’ve got some of the smartest entrepreneurial minds in our corner and we can’t imagine it any other way.

Jake Stein

Jake Stein is the co-founder and COO of RJMetrics. Before founding RJMetrics, Jake worked at Insight Venture Partners, a software-focused venture capital and private equity firm. He graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with high honors and concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Read more...

Jake taught the inaugural class at Drexel University's Close School of Entrenpreneurship as an adjunct professor. He is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, and he judges Penn's annual invention competition, Pennvention. Jake also created RJMetrics's partnership with the Philadelphia Spark Program, where he and other RJMetrics employees have mentored over a dozen inner city middle school students on technology and business.

Jake was the 44th ranked table tennis player under 21 in New Jersey. He also once got a ride to lunch from Warren Buffett.

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Robert J. Moore

Robert J. Moore is the co-founder and CEO of RJMetrics, a SaaS business intelligence company with the mission of inspiring and empowering data-driven people. Prior to RJMetrics, Moore served on the Investment Team of Insight Venture Partners, a leading software-focused venture capital and private equity firm based in New York. He is a graduate of Princeton University's department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Read more...

Moore is a vocal supporter of the Philadelphia startup scene, where he serves on the leadership team of Philly Startup Leaders. Through the PSLU accelerator program he co-founded in 2013, he regularly mentors up-and-coming Philadelphia entrepreneurs. For his accomplishments and contributions to the community, Moore was recently featured on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine and recognized by Mayor Michael Nutter.

Moore is nationally known for his startup advice and data-driven research, which has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, Businessweek, Inc Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, TechCrunch, Mashable, and countless other publications. He has appeared as a featured speaker at TEDxPhilly, Symantec Vision, Lean Startup Machine, and Founder Factory. He guest lectures annually at Princeton University and The Wharton School.

Outside of the tech scene, Moore is an improv comedy performer at Philly Improv Theater, where he is a member of house team Big Baby. He is also CTO and Trustee of the Glassboro Education Foundation, a nonprofit committed to supporting educational innovation in his hometown school district.

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Karan Mehandru

Karan is a General Partner at Trinity Ventures. Karan joined Trinity Ventures in 2010 and brings significant technology investing and operating experience to the firm. At Trinity, he focuses on venture investments in SaaS, big data, cloud computing and mobile. Karan led Trinity’s investments in Act-On Software, ScaleArc, Jama Software, RJMetrics and Hoopla and works closely with ShopIgniter and Taulia. Read more...

Prior to Trinity, Karan was at Scale Venture Partners where he was actively involved with Scale’s investments in SaaS, datacenter infrastructure and enterprise software companies. Earlier in his career, Karan also worked at companies like Synopsys and PMC-Sierra for a decade, holding positions in sales, marketing and product development. Karan has a Masters in Management Science from Stanford University and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering with high distinction from Carleton University. Karan is a Charter Member of C100, through which he mentors Canadian technology entrepreneurs, and an active member of TiE Silicon Valley.


M.Sc., Management Science, Stanford University

B.S. with Honors, Electrical Engineering, Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada

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Chuck Dietrich

Chuck Dietrich has over a dozen years of entrepreneurial experience. Today he serves on the board of RJMetrics, PreAct, and BrightTalk; and is an advisor for ClearSlide and CloudWords. In addition, Chuck is in the very early stages of starting his next venture. Chuck's entrepreneurial past includes nine years at Salesforce.com. In the role of general manager and vice president, Chuck built and ran many channel and partner programs, including System Integrators, marketing partners, product partnerships, and Latin American distribution. Read more...

Chuck also spearheaded the company’s mobile strategy which included strategic alliances with carriers and mobile device providers such as Apple, Motorola, RIM, and others. In 2008, he shared the stage with Steve Jobs, highlighting capabilities on the newly released iPhone. Chuck also led salesforce.com’s successful acquisition of Sendia.

After Salesforce.com, Chuck built SlideRocket and led it to hyper growth. In April 2011, Dietrich facilitated the company’s high-profile acquisition by VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. At VMware Chuck led the new and fledgling end user applications, including the 400% growth of SlideRocket. In 2013 Chuck divested SlideRocket to ClearSide.

Chuck has been invited to guest lecture MBA students at Harvard, MIT and Northwestern on cloud technologies. He has presented at a number of notable events at Google, GigaOm, RIM, Apple, SXSW festival and the Entrepreneurs Foundation, the Bay Area’s corporate social responsibility philanthropy.

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Our team includes some of the most savvy angel and venture investors in the business.